A Pretty Good Day – our First Piece of Press!

Every morning I wake up, I get excited about this business and what the day might bring. One of the most exciting days so far (and there have been quite a few) was when Caroline Allen from Agriland got in touch wanting to find out more about Pretty Bird and feature it in her column.

For those of you who don’t know or haven’t heard about it – Agriland was established in 2013 has become Ireland’s largest digital news publisher in the agricultural sector in Ireland. Publishing seven days per week, 365 days a year, with content available across all digital platforms and through the AgriLand.ie app, Agriland has become the go to place for farmers and agricultural professionals (myself included) to keep up-to-date with what’s happening within the agricultural sector both at home and abroad. So you can just imagine the excitement, when Caroline said they wanted to spotlight our new business!

Caroline is a woman rooted in rural Ireland and the farming community. Coming from a farming background herself, she is very keen to promote women in the industry, she also covers an interesting range of farm diversification topics so she was the ideal woman to interview me! Caroline heard about our business from Lorna Sixsmith a remarkable lady who I’ve followed from afar for quite some time. Since meeting Lorna, a few month ago a Wine, Women and Wellies event run by West Women in Farming Group she has become a great friend to the business and has been great about helping spread the word. So huge thanks to Lorna for that. Lorna is very active on social media, search for the Irish Farmerette and is author of 3 super fun farming themed books – An Ideal Farm Husband, Would you Marry a Farmer and How to be the Perfect Farm Wife!

Getting ready to have the piece published, our very first bit of press was very exciting as I’ve said but there was also a little bit of nervousness for two reasons! 1. Caroline wanted a picture of me wearing some of our gear. With stock just arriving and our own Pretty Bird Range still in development, I hadn’t scheduled to get any photography done yet – so off me and Raym went with a jeep full of farm wear and 2 charged IPhones!

We usually work exceptionally well and very intuitively together but this was going to be tricky – as I’m certainly not a model and Raymond’s photography skills were also going to be tested but we did our best!

And reason 2. this was going to be the first time, anyone outside of my immediate inner sanctum of friends and family heard about the business. What would they think? Would they like the idea? Was their really a need for such a business or was I just pipe dreaming?

Thankfully the response to the article was phenomenon so thanks to all of you who shared it, commented, sent us messages of support and interest. It’s onwards and upwards for this little bird that is just learning how to spread her wings. Huge thanks for the vote of confidence! <3

Link to article – www.agriland.ie/farming-news/new-venture-aims-to-turn-out-fashionable-female-farmers

Read more pieces from Caroline Allen – www.agriland.ie/farming-news/author/caroline

Find out more about Lorna Sixsmith, her books, her blog and her farm life – www.lornasixsmith.com

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