Pretty Bird – what’s in a name?

Miss Muck, Funky Farmerette I can’t even begin to recall all the names that I thought of calling this business but none of them stuck until we hit on the name Pretty Bird. 3 months on I’ve had some interesting feedback on our business name so I felt like I should share my thoughts on our business name and why for me it’s was a winner. Read More

Slash Careers – not as dangerous as they sound!

It was so great to meet Irish Times journalist Sean Dunne at the National Ploughing Championships. Sean did what a lot of journalists do now and put a call out on Twitter for Ploughing stories ahead of attending the event. Lorna Sixsmith, who has become a great friend to our business tipped me off about Sean’s tweet so I popped him an email telling him a little about the launch of our new business. Read More

Midlands 103 feature with MJ Clery

For those of you that missed it, here is the link to our radio interview with MJ Clery of Midlands 103. We were delighted to get the call from MJ and tell him all about our business, where the idea for the business came from and about our stand at the National Ploughing Championships!

Pretty Bird feature starts at 32.48!