Fun with Jim and Julia Beary

March may be one of the busiest months of the year on farms but we have noticed that for some reason it is also one of the most fun and a bit of madness one’s on Twitter. I’m convinced it’s the long hours and late nights that drive us to particularly this platform for a quick chat, check in with the rest of the world and bit of farming solidarity banter.

We had a serious laugh in the last few weeks with two farmers from the UK – Jim Beary and his wife Julia. It all started on 11th March when I came across this tweet:

What ensued was several tweets and messages about how we (Pretty Bird) couldn’t allow Jim to be upstaging his wife in the farm style stakes.

So we were going to send Julia a pair our Pretty Bird overalls. We had even more fun on Twitter once Julia’s overalls arrived…


Needless to say, I have been following Jim and Julia since and suggest you do too. This young farming couple have got the mix of farm professionalism and fun just right!

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