Out of farm and into the world of farm fashion!

Given that our ranges are designed for working in and me myself is more at home in the milking parlour than backstage dressing models at a fashion show, you might imagine how much like a fish out of water I was immersed in the world of catwalk fashion at the National Ploughing Championships but I have to say it was fun!

After visiting the Tullamore show in August this year, I tweeted about the fashion show, the style and how I was going to start a #gethosemodelsinwellies campaign.

It was a bit of fun but there was something going on the back of mind as we were of course planning the official launch of our business at the National Ploughing Championships, part of which included a small slot in the Fashion Show there.

The lady who runs the Fashion Show at the National Ploughing Championships is an amazing lady called Brigid Dooley. From day one of speaking to her about Pretty Bird she was excited. She loved that we were selling practical farm work wear for women and immediately saw the gap in the market for our ranges.

Brigid was a great support to us in preparing for the launch of our business at the show and invited us down to the media launch for the Ploughing on the 1st September. There we met another amazing lady, Orla from Celia Holmen Lee models who did an amazing job modelling our work wear and really showcasing how fashionable, fitted and feminine they truly are.


We were delighed to have Orla and her friend Chloe (also from Celia Holmen Lee) model for us again at the daily Fashion Shows at the event in Tullamore on the 19th, 20th and 21th of September. Delighted to say that it didn’t take long to get my #getthosemodelsinwellies movement going.



Huge thanks to Brigid, Orla, Chloe and everyone for helping us to promote Pretty Bird at the National Ploughing Championships.


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