Pink Valentines with Peter Hynes – Embrace Farm Fundraiser 2018

There is nothing we love more than good craic especially when it’s for a good cause. Many of you will know that Pretty Bird has struck up a great friendship with the Hynes Family in Aherla, Co. Cork. Peter and Paula and their daughters Chloe, Becky and Georgie have been great supporters of ours from the get go and have become our biggest brand advocates.

So when a joke started on Twitter that we needed to get Peter Hynes into a pair of pink overalls like the rest of the family, it wasn’t long until the idea sparked something and #pinkvalentines was born.

#TeamHynes Girls

Peter decided that yes he would wear a pair of pink overalls but would have some fun with it and with our help would raise some money for a very worthy farm charity – Embrace Farm

The rest as they say is history and will go down in Twitter history as one of the most fun days we spent on the network. Here are some snippets of the day:

The #queenofthedairy makes a special appearence for #PinkValentines and #februdairy

Press for the Fundraiser

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