Pretty Bird – what’s in a name?

Miss Muck, Funky Farmerette I can’t even begin to recall all the names that I thought of calling this business but none of them stuck until we hit on the name Pretty Bird. 3 months on I’ve had some interesting feedback on our business name so I felt like I should share my thoughts on our business name and why for me it’s was a winner.

Love it? Hate it? Maybe you haven’t given our business name much thought? I would say 90% of the feedback we get it that people (men and women) love the name. It’s simple, catchy, and it connotes a positive image rooted in nature and the outdoors which is exactly what we wanted. So where did it come from?

Well a few different places actually. Most of the early discussions for this business took place in the “think tank” which is what I like to call our milking parlour. I don’t know how but it has become a place where Raymond my husband and I, talk, think and plan lots of things be it farm improvements, our wedding, house, holidays or our business etc.

Getting back to the name, we struggled and struggled to come up with one we liked. I was sure of the elements I wanted in the brand and you’d think for an English graduate with lots of marketing experience that stringing a name together would be easy but it took time and a lot of thought. Here’s what we knew we wanted and what we knew we didn’t want:

  • We wanted a business name with a nature element (I’m a big outdoor enthusiast and nature lover and felt my customers would be too!)
  • I also liked the idea of our business name/brand personifying something in nature (that’s the poet in me trying to come out!)
  • Hard vs Soft. We decided we wanted the name to have a softness to it. (Life is tough enough, particularly when you’re immersed in male dominated work. We thought about giving the business a tough, hard as nails name but what I felt was missing from the mix was a touch of warmth, a touch of femininity hence the “Pretty” angle.)

So what’s in a name?  For me, Pretty Bird is a name a bit like an onion with mutiple layers. Maybe some find it offensive but for me the “Bird” is a symbol of power, of freedom and strength.

Those of you who are ensure about the name, I understand where you are coming from and I can assure you I probably had some of the ideas you had about it too but I stand by it and I love it.

If after reading this blog post, you are still unsure. Then think about this. Have you ever seen anything more majestic and powerful than a bird in full flight?

3 thoughts on “Pretty Bird – what’s in a name?

  1. Oh, I like Miss Muck and Funky Farmerette too.
    I hear you on the decisions and on people commenting. I get it for Irish Farmerette too, something I thought of in 5 seconds flat. When asked now, I say I’m keeping it for the sake of irony.
    I do think though, if the worst thing anyone can say about you is a complaint about your name, we’re doing okay. And let’s face it, it means they are talking about you 😉

    • Grace Roche

      Thanks Lorna, I think Pretty Bird like Irish Farmerette is catchy and memorable. I’m glad we have names that spark a conversation. Why be ordinary when we can be extraordinary! 🙂

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