Slash Careers – not as dangerous as they sound!

It was so great to meet Irish Times journalist Sean Dunne at the National Ploughing Championships. Sean did what a lot of journalists do now and put a call out on Twitter for Ploughing stories ahead of attending the event. Lorna Sixsmith, who has become a great friend to our business tipped me off about Sean’s tweet so I popped him an email telling him a little about the launch of our new business.

Day two of the Ploughing, Sean visited us on our stand and did a little interview with me about Pretty Bird. During the conversation, Sean asked me about juggling farming, full time work and the new business and a term came back to me that was introduced to me by a colleague at Momentum, that term being a Slash Career. While it might sound like the career path of a serial killer the term Slash Career is actually associated with people who have multiple jobs/careers and a number of different revenue streams. So for me – I’m a EU Project Manager/Farmer/Entrepreneur similarily my husband Ray is an IT Manager/Farmer/Entrepreneur. I think nowadays, a lot of farmers have Slash Careers. Would love to know your thoughts in the comments section on this.

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